MoxyReadWrite for MoxyDraw

Reads the drawing and writes all parameters to MoxyDraw read file specified in the options.




• Block, hatches and splines can not be handled by MoxyReadWrite so MoxyDraw ask to explode them. Be careful, those are also exploded in the original drawing and if it's saved like so all data associated to blocks, hatches ans splines will be lost.

• MoxyReadWrite will not take to account overridden properties (color, lightweight, linetype etc.) set on an object besides "bylayer". It will take the entity layer, create it if needed, and apply layer color to entity. So for example, only entity color "bylayer" will keep their color.

• In the new drawing (created by the MoxyReadWrite code), text entity with an already existing style will take the resident style. In other words, MoxyDraw will only create a textstyle if it doesn't exist.